Looking for an excellent multi-disciplenary project manager/engineer? Pascal is your man!

Bart Demaegdt


In 2013 a big investment project >100M$ was implemented in our Site in Romania. Electrical and automation part of this project was managed successfully by Pascal. He managed all challenges with professionalism and dedication. Project was successfully finished without delays, this being the biggest challenge. I strongly recommend Pascal for this kind of jobs.

Catalin Gheorghiu

Bayer Crop Science

I had the privilege of working with Pascal on the project. He proved himself as a highly qualified professional able to solve the most complex problems within 48 hours, such as replacement of all electrical equipment in the factory within 48 hours. I was impressed by his energy and ability to find a way out of difficult situations. I am honored to work with him. He's a great professional. He's a good man.

Timur Sabirzyanov


Pascal is a great team leader for green and brown field projects on Electricity and Industrial automation. During his 5 years in Ukraine I was able to set up a good working team. He get the best out of people. Panel building integrate state of the art SIEMENS PCS7 system, cable pulling commissioning and production run. This project we did together was one of the biggest of the last 5 years in Ukraine. The level of competitivity was very high and we achieve as team to make this a success and already running production 3 years Also, he was able to keep deadline and budget under control.

Vitaliy Gorbyk


I worked together with pascal for 3 years. At that time I was project engineer where Pascal was the Senior electrification and automation engineer for Monsanto Ukraine project. Pascal is a very competent and nice colleague. He will give you guidance when needed but at the same time will challenge you and the team to for a good progress. Pascal is a great colleague to have during the engineering phase, but he truly excels during the commissioning of the plant. During the commissioning stage of a project it is clear that Pascal has the drive to get the plant started. He is hands on but a the same time a true leader for other team members. In short, I can highly recommend Pascal, he will be an asset to your team.

Laurent Wemel


I worked with him for five years. Pascal is a good specialist and team leader in the field of automation and power supply in various projects. From factory automation to mobile special machines. Has the skills to prepare technical solutions, to manage deadlines and resources, and competently knows how to set tasks and goals. He became as a good team leader during installation and commissioning of factory automation and power supply.

Eduard Trotsenko