Expat Services Ukraine

Working in Ukraine for a longer period of time, how can you organise this in a legal way? 

ENGIPLAN can help you. ENGIPLAN has years of experience with employment in Eastern-Europe, including Ukraine. We are able to guarantee a smooth administrative procedure for obtaining a work permit and temporary residence permit. For a fixed monthly fee, we ensure you can work and sty in Ukraine in a legal way, without the bureaucracy headaches! 

Why choose for our expat services? 

  • Fixed monthly fee for all-in formula: permits, expat insurances and relocation support (housing, transportation, schools, etc.)
  • Contracts for 1, 2 or 3 years.
  • No administrative headaches
  • No delays due to bureaucracy
  • Official Ukrain income

How can you work in Ukraine as an EU-citizen? 

The procedure to employ someone in Ukraine seems straightforward. The employer should request a temporary residence permit and work permit for the employee who is relocating to Ukraine. The details about this procedure can be found on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

In practise we have learned that even though these procedures are respected and followed, the process can take a long time and be highly inefficient.